"Teamwork makes the dream work.”


This belief is just one of the many invaluable statements that has guided Sharifah Hardie to become a sought after Business Consultant & Keynote Speaker.  Sharifah believes in working together to make things happen.  After 20 years of fine tuning, and implementing her own successful online presence, Sharifah Hardie now utilizes her voice, and network to help other business owners around the world succeed.  If you have questions on how to create your business, market your services, or generate revenue all you have to do is Ask.  Sharifah Hardie, along with her team of business experts is here to guide you, and your business every step of the way to maximum success!




Join Sharifah Hardie as she teams up with members of the community to generate great new crowdfunding ideas, and businesses the entire world will benefit from. 


“My goal is to change the way crowdfunding is viewed. Too often people view crowdfunding as begging. Crowdfunding is one of the greatest gifts that we can give to our community.  It is the gift of teamwork. Let's look at it this way, maybe someone's dream is to start a restaurant with a startup cost of $100,000. That person only has $10,000. He can then go to a few friends, raise the remaining $90,000 and go into business together. Everyone is happy. Everyone wins. That is crowdfunding. That is creating another new business. That is creating more jobs in the community, and a wonderful new restaurant to enjoy on Date Night,” says Sharifah Hardie.


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