Sharifah Hardie; Keynote Speaker, Host, Author, Online Marketing Specialist & Business Consultant

Do you want to create a successful online presence for your business? Then you need Sharifah Hardie – Professional Business Consultant, and Inspirational Keynote Speaker on your team!

With hundreds of other companies clambering for the same marketing space Sharifah doesn’t believe in sitting around twiddling your thumbs. Want to know why?

“Success is not a sit back and wait type of deal.”

This proverb, being just one of many invaluable statements in her resource, has led Sharifah to become a leader within her field. With years of perfecting and implementing a successful online presence, Sharifah Hardie is the modern day Khoja of Internet marketing. She has started from modest beginnings and climbed the ladder to become a top, sought-after, Professional Business Consultant!

A successful ROI from Internet marketing comes from a willingness to invest time in learning how to improve your online performance; an essential business development that Sharifah is more than qualified to deliver. Having made a lasting mark on our web pages, bookshelves, television screens, and radio waves, her 20 years of online experience renders Sharifah as an exceptionally knowledgeable and fitting business keynote speaker.

Whether you are struggling to find a marketing strategy for your small business, or aiming to teach your employees the most effective means of optimizing your search engine and social network proficiencies, Sharifah can deliver informative, motivational, and effective business keynote talks that gather and reflect upon the already outstanding knowledge and counsel she has provided through other mediums.

Contact Sharifah today about keynote speaking, amongst other business and online presence queries, and prepare to be stunned as she delivers an Internet marketing keynote your small business or company cannot do without!